Repair Services
Our technicians are available to expertly tune
and repair your gear to keep it in top form from an overall
tune up to brake, wheel and bracket repairs.

Tune Up  –  $50

  • Remove wheels from bike; true and tension wheels in truing stand
  • Clean wheels
  • Adjust bearing surfaces externally including front and rear hubs, bottom
  • bracket and headset.
  • Adjust brakes and adjust brake cable tension
  • Lubricate brake cables
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur and adjust derailleur cable tension
  • Lubricate derailleur cables
  • Clean chain (on bike) and lube
  • Clean all components as necessary for proper adjustment
  • Inspect all other nuts and bolts
  • Clean and polish frame


  • Adjust rear/front brakes
  • Replace and adjust cable
  • Replace brake pads/wheel
  • Replace brake housing
  • Install brake pads and calipers (per pair)

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Installation set-up and bleeding (per wheel)
  • Bleeding only (per wheel)
  • Pad replacement (per wheel)

Mechanical Disc Brakes

  • Installation set-up (per wheel)
  • Pad replacement (per wheel)
  • Replace and adjust cable

Wheels & Hubs

  • Repack rear hub
  • Repack front hub
  • Overhaul Campagnolo rear hub
  • Replacing internal hub races add
  • Rebuild rear wheel
  • Rebuild front wheel
  • Replace tube
  • True wheel
  • Overhaul all other types of internal gear hubs

Headset/Bottom Bracket

  • Adjust bottom bracket or headset
  • Repack headset or bottom bracket
  • Replace headset
  • Replace bottom bracket
  • Removal of seized bottom bracket


  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Derailleur replacement
  • Replace cogset
  • Replace chain
  • Replace and adjust cable (extra charge for replacing housing)
  • Drivetrain cleaning


  • Overhaul forks (doesn’t include bushing replacement or “linkage” style)
  • Simple oil change (oil included)
  • Overhaul rear suspension single pivots
  • Overhaul rear suspension multi-pivots
  • Suspension tuning (adjusting full suspension bike to your size, weight and usage)

Accessory Installation

  • Blackburn (or similar) rear track
  • Bar ends
  • Fenders
  • Baby seat
  • Computer single/dual pickup
  • Computer battery install and reprogram
  • Flight Deck
  • Ergo brain
  • Car rack feet with load bars
  • Car rack accessories (per accessory)
  • Roof top boxes
  • Assembly and installation of hitch mount or rear racks


  • Fork installation
  • Change stem and/or handlebar
  • Tape handlebars
  • Replace/align gear tab
  • Box to ship single bicycle (shipping and insurance are as per UPS calculator)